Department of Visual Impairments


In addition to their educational activities, the professional activities of the experts from this Department are today also in line with the contemporary rehabilitational trends.

The students of the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences who elected Rehabilitation as their major course of study according to the programme until 2004/2005, during the undergraduate study programme attend the courses from this field as part of the common programme of the three departments which are included in this major course of study. A part of courses is dedicated to the training of students for the work with blind and partially blind persons, while other courses provide them with a solid basis for the subsequent professional and scientific development.

The postgraduate scientific study is also offered to the students in the course of which they are introduced to the latest scientific and professional trends in the field of rehabilitation of blind and partially blind persons and trained for conducting independent scientific research.

Since the year of 2005/2006, the study programmes have been conducted in accordance with the Bologna education model. In the course of study for the BA in Educational-Rehabilitation of the Rehabilitation Major, the students attend a part of the courses from the field of visual impairments, i.e. the problems of the blind and partially blind persons.