Teaching and Clinical Centre


Head of the Centre: Assis. Prof. Gabrijela Ratkajec Gašević, PhD

The Teaching and Clinical Centre (www.centar.erf.unizg.hr) operates within the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences as a clinical unit and learning basis for the students. The Centre was opened in 1997 by bringing together different experts, notably teachers in the field of educational rehabilitation, speech and language pathology, social pedagogy and psychology, and associates from other areas - neurology, psychiatry and others. Over the period of 15 years, the Centre became the teaching base - practicum for conducting exercises and practical work for the students of the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate studies on the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences.

In addition to the teaching activities, within the Centre were developed numerous clinical services which are in many ways specific and unique. The expert support is provided for the users of the wide age range (from the youngest children to persons of older age groups) with various developmental aberrations, difficulties or disorders (from neurodevelopmental risk to speech problems as a consequence of a stroke). The continuous inflow of the users as well as the waiting lists for a specific service indicate that the Centre is recognized as the unit where its users can receive adequate professional support for different ranges of difficulties and disorders.

Professional work

Expert clinical work includes counselling, prevention, evaluation, treatment, therapy, and (re)habilitation in the following fields:

  • parental concern for the child’s development, behaviour or learning
  • neurodevelopmental risk
  • visual impairments
  • hearing impairments
  • intellectual difficulties
  • disorders of the autistic spectrum
  • motoric disorders and chronic diseases
  • behavioural problems
  • difficulties of language, speech, and voice
  • difficulties in reading and writing
  • learning difficulties
  • ADHD disorders
  • emotional difficulties
  • communication difficulties
  • selective mutism
  • difficulties in feeding and swallowing