Laboratory for Prevention Research (PrevLab)

Head of the Laboratory: Prof. Martina Ferić, PhD

Laboratory for Prevention Research (PrevLab) is the legatee to the Centre for Prevention Research (CPI) which was founded by professor Josipa Basic in the year 2005 at the Department of Behavioural Disorders, Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia. PrevLab is established in 2017.

The goal of PrevLab is to:

1) contribute to better recognizability and visibility of prevention science in Croatia and the world

  • create a recognizable platform as a source of prevention science and practice information
  • promote the development of science-based and evidence-based preventive practices
  • create partnerships with similar centres in Europe and the world
  • strengthen scientific potential and human resources
  • influence on public policies creation and creation of standards in prevention at the global level

2) developing and implementing effective models for transferring knowledge of prevention science into practice

  • improve currently implemented preventive interventions toward evidence-based intervention by conduction of scientific evaluation
  • promote the development and implementation of sustainable models of multicomponent community-based prevention
  • develop recommendations / standards to promote evidence-based preventive practices


Laboratory for Prevention Research (PrevLab), ie the PrevLab team -  Valentina Kranzelic, PhD; Martina Feric, PhD; Josipa Mihic, PhD and Miranda Novak, PhD received the European Society for Prevention Research (EUSPR) Award "Sloboda Medal" for continuous contribution to the development of prevention science in Europe and International. The award was presented on the closing ceremony of the 9th EUSPR Annual Conference "Prevention Technologies - Improving the Use of Evidence in Prevention Practice" (24th-26th, October, 2018., Lisbon).

Research projects in prevention science (Croatia)

Further ENhancing the Implementation of Quality Standards in drug demand reduction across Europe (FENIQS-EU)

Project leader for Croatia: Prof. Martina Ferić, PhD
FENIQS-EU (project description)

ASAP Training „Building effective drug prevention results across Europe, based on prevention systems analysis and widespread professional training“

ASAP Training (project description)

Positive development of city of Zagreb’s youth: state of the art (PRAG_ZG)
Project leader: Assis. Prof. Miranda Novak, PhD

Enhancing quality of psychoactive substance use prevention interventions in Croatia
Project leader: Assoc. Prof. Valentina Kranželić
Improvement of drug prevention programs in Croatia (poster presentation)

Mindfulness and SEL for teachers
Project leader: Assis. Prof. Josipa Mihić

UPC Adapt -Implementing a prevention training curriculum in Europe: Adaptation and Piloting
Project leader: Assoc. Prof. Valentina Kranželić

Science for Prevention Academic Network (SPAN)
Project leader: Assoc. Prof. Martina Ferić

The PrevLab members are:

Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences University of Zagreb
Department of Behavioural Disorders
Laboratory for Prevention Research (PrevLab)
Campus Borongaj
Borongajska cesta 83f
10000 Zagreb, Croatia