Laboratory for Psycholinguistic Research - POLIN

Since 1992, the Laboratory for Psycholinguistic Research POLIN has been bringing together associates from different professions (speech and language pathologists, psychologists, linguists, croatists) for conducting interdisciplinary research with the aim of improving the understanding of speech development, speech processing, speech disorders, and their causes with the use of technologically advanced methods.

Part of the Laboratory for Psycholinguistic Research is the Clinical-Research unit KIO, set up in the kindergarten Mali princ, Jordanovac, Zagreb, conducting mostly diagnostic and clinical work with persons with various speech disorders.

The Laboratory disposes with the equipment for recording evoked potentials, eye movement monitoring device, equipment for measuring reaction time, a large number of linguistic, psychological, and neuropsychological tests, and the tool kit for speech and language pathology evaluation "Logoped set"in the Clinical and Research Department of the Laboratory. The Laboratory is also one of the organizers of the interdisciplinary postgraduate university study Language Communication and Cognitive Neuroscience (JEKON).

Head of the Laboratoty: Prof. Melita Kovačević, PhD

The associates of Laboratory: