Centre for Lifelong Learning

About the Centre

Head of the Centre: Assis. Prof. Anja Mirosavljević, PhD

Purpose of the Centre

We founded the Centre for Lifelong Learning as Faculty’s unit to provide possibility of continuous specialization of current knowledge and skills for different professionals, as well as to ensure a range of possibilities to gain new professional competencies and intervention methods when working directly with clients.

The Aims of the Centre are:

  • Promotion of state of the art knowledge in practice,
  • Insurance of high quality standards in practice,
  • Collaboration with professionals in practice,
  • Insurance of high quality intervention programs and treatment methods,
  • Strengthening professional competencies.

Main activities of the Centre include developing and conducting educations within prevention, diagnostics and rehabilitation/treatment of persons with difficulties of social integration, as well as persons with difficulties in speech-language communication. We also provide education programs focused on research methodology in social sciences.

Educations are mostly intended for professionals within social sciences, while description of every education specifies criteria for admission.

Centre’s activities enable professional specialization though different modalities, like courses, seminars, workshops, professional conferences, roundtables etc.

Faculty members developed some educations as a result of their specific scientific and professional expertise, some are parts of wider project activities, while some are organized in collaboration with institutions that showed an interest for specialization in specific topic.

Conducted Educations

Since 2009, when Centre for Lifelong Learning was founded, we developed and conducted different educations aiming to respond upon interest and needs of contemporary science and practice.

It is our special pleasure to continuously witness great interest of participants, due to which we re-organize and repeat our programmes.

So far, we have developed and organized the following educations:

  • Educational Training of Catechist for Work with Persons with Developmental Difficulties
  • Applying Criminal Attribution Scale for Juvenile Delinquents
  • Developmental Evaluation of Children Aged Between 0 and 6
  • Work with Children in Life-Groups
  • Planning and Conducting Research: from Idea to Report
  • Assessment, Planning and Reporting in Conducting Alternative Sanctions for Young Offenders
  • Applied Behaviour Analysis with Autism & Developmental Disabilities (ABA)
  • Applying Music-Therapy in Interventions with Persons with Developmental Difficulties
  • Improving Addiction Prevention Programmes and Rehabilitation/Resocialization Programs Based upon Quality Standards