Laboratory for Hearing and Speech Acoustics

The Laboratory's activities are notably focused on the scientific research work on the specialized acoustic analysis of voice and speech, as well as the court expert evaluations in the field of forensic phonetics and acoustics. The Laboratory was founded in 1995. Part of the Laboratory’s activities is also processing data needed for the student work on the thesis and seminary papers, while some of the student exercises within the framework of the Speech and Language Pathology course of study are performed there. If needed, the Laboratory also provides specialist processing and speech-language pathology findings for the Rehabilitation Centre.

A part of the research is conducted in cooperation with researchers from other institutions (School of Dental Medicine and School of Medicine of the University of Zagreb, SUVAG Polyclinic, Centre Slava Raškaj, etc).

The Laboratory is equipped with modern computer equipment and programmes for sound recording and processing (computer programme Adobe Audition), measuring microphones and instruments (Bruel and Kjaer), and specijalized computer programmes for acoustic voice and speech analysis (Praat, Multi Speech, Multi Dimensinal Voice Program, EZVoice). Furthermore, it is also equipped with the specialized programmes for forensic phonetic and acoustics (DC Live Forensic, Clear Voice Denoiser).

In addition to that, the Laboratory also possesses devices for examining the functions of the vocal and speech tract (Nazometar and Electroglottograph).

Head of the Laboratory: Assis. Prof. Ana Bonetti, PhD

The Laboratory’s associates: