Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences

Mission and vision

Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences at University of Zagreb is the only higher education institution in the Republic of Croatia that creates and offers well established university-level programmes in speech-language pathology, educational rehabilitation and social pedagogy in addition to developing and advancing high-quality research as well as clinical best practices in these areas.


The mission of the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences is education founded on scientific knowledge in the areas of educational rehabilitation, speech-language pathology and social pedagogy with the aim of including vulnerable groups/ groups under risk into the community, by influencing individuals and social environments as well as influencing policymaking and social benefits, in compliance with the principles of professional ethics and responsibility.


The Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences aims to become an internationally visible institution of higher education, recognized for its excellence in education and research as well as professional influence on the environment in which it operates.

Past and present

Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences was established as a higher education intuition fifty-six years ago and has been a constituent unit of the University of Zagreb for 53 years. The position and the name(s) of the Faculty have been changed within this period by enactment of the following decrees and regulations:

  • The decision on establishment of the College of Defectology was enacted by the Parliament of the Socialist Republic of Croatia on 10 July 1962.
  • The decision on acceptance of the College of Defectology into the university-level higher education system was enacted by the Science and Education Council (the Senate) of the University of Zagreb in May 1965.
  • The decision of changing the name of the 'College of Defectology' into the 'Faculty of Defectology at the University of Zagreb' was adopted by the Science and Education Council (the Senate) of the University of Zagreb in 1973. This regulation was approved by the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia at the Education and Cultural Council session on 13 June 1973 and at the Republic Council session on 20 June 1973.
  • The decision on adopting the new name of the Faculty 'Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences' has been enacted by the University of Zagreb Faculty Council session on 14 April 1998.

Currently, there are approximately 900 students enrolled in one of the three undergraduate or three graduate programmes, one postgraduate specialist programme and one postgraduate doctoral programme at the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences. There are 90 employees at the Faculty. Sixty-nine of them are appointed to research/teaching and associate ranks, four hold professional ranks and seventeen employees are non-teaching staff. Activities are conducted in two buildings - the main Faculty building and the Centre for rehabilitation building, at the same address on University campus Borongaj.

The Faculty continuously works on raising the quality of undergraduate and graduate programmes in educational rehabilitation, speech language pathology and social pedagogy, as well as postgraduate doctoral and specialist programmes and life-long learning education modules, by considering societal needs and Croatian Qualifications Framework and following Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in European Higher Education Area. Furthermore, the Faculty promotes inclusion and human rights protection by raising public awareness on the issues of the position, needs and rights of the rising number of marginalized groups in the society.

Students are the most important partners in all Faculties’ activities and are involved in all events related to the Faculty. In addition to significantly contributing to the teaching process, they are active in volunteering activities and community projects and are involved in organising sport, musical and other events. The students are especially active in planning and organizing international student congresses, intensive student exchange between other European and other cross continental universities. Graduated former students and friends of the Faculty can join AMAC association, so their activities and cooperation are yet to be fulfilled.

By respecting research-based orientation of the University of Zagreb as well as national and European research priorities, the Faculty attempts to enhance both scientific productivity and research excellence. A rising number of applications and partnerships related to the European Union funded projects have been noted. Furthermore, there has been a noted rise in pragmatic incorporation of research findings into teaching materials on all programme levels as well as better student preparation for future research activities. Faculty's staff has significantly contributed to the development of the students with disabilities support system in the Republic of Croatia within the University of Zagreb TEMPUS project.

Collaboration with the community and influencing needed societal changes has been a part of the tradition at the Faculty. More than 50% of research and teaching staff have been continuously involved in various activities that exert professional influence on the community and professional policymaking. The Centre for Rehabilitation, as a separate constituent unit of the Faculty, provides various, new professional services in the area of prevention, early intervention, habilitation and rehabilitation to the society. By doing this, it also enhances the quality of teaching and research in undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programmes. Finally, the activities carried out in the Centre significantly contribute to better visibility of the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences.

Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences University of Zagreb - brochure (2019)